In the area you have selected (Nauru) river flood hazard is classified as very low based on modeled flood information currently available to this tool. This means that there is a chance of less than 1% that potentially damaging and life-threatening river floods occur in the coming 10 years (return period of c. 1 in 1000 years). Therefore, based on this information, flood hazard does not need to be explicitly considered for your project. Surface flood hazard in urban and rural areas is not included in this hazard classification, and may also be possible in this location. Please see 'Urban Flood' for consideration of urban surface and river flooding.Although the hazard is considered to be very low or non-existent in the project location based on the information available in ThinkHazard!, additional information may show some level of hazard. If local or additional information sources suggest that there is flood hazard, follow the recommendations below and seek expert guidance on additional recommended actions. It is recommended that local flood regulations and conditions possibly leading to highly localized water nuisance problems are considered. In particular, it is recommended to check the condition of and possible flaws in local water management systems, e.g. poorly dimensioned or maintained sewerage or drainage channels. Always consider taking no-regret measures.


  • LOCATION ASSESSMENT: The high-level information available in this tool may indicate the presence of river flood hazard in your project area. Before committing significant resources to this issue, a study of the surrounding landscape can help you assess whether more detailed assessment and/or intervention should be considered. More information
  • EXISTING INFORMATION: The high-level information available in this tool may indicate the presence of flood hazard in your project area. However, because flood hazard can change dramatically over short distances, the exact geographical location of your project should be checked against pre-existing flood hazard information. More information
  • INTERDEPENDENCY: Consider vulnerability of other assets within the project's dependency network. If your project is interdependent with other projects, it is important to assess the vulnerability of the entire network if the service provided is critical. More information
  • FLOOD HAZARD MANAGEMENT: Your project or development should consider flood management measures, such as restoration of natural wetlands, removal of impermeable surfaces, or implementation of flood defences at the project site and in the upstream catchment. More information
  • DO NOT INCREASE HAZARD: Built infrastructure may alter flood hazard. Constructing a significant piece of infrastructure can significantly alter the landscape and potentially influence how an area responds during a flood. Any alteration of the landscape should be undertaken with consideration as to how this will influence the local hydrology. More information
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